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XiSearch content tools: Why do you need them?

All the developers and holders of the sites wonder how to attract the site’s visitors. Though to bring the site’s visitors - it is half the trouble. How to wake their interest in the site itself so that users spend as much time on the site as possible and then come back without fail? Even the interesting matters will not make a visitor stay-he will intend to learn more on the subject, will go on data search and will disappear.

How these bottleneck issues to be solved? XiSearch tools will assist you – they are a bar and a content hint, which bring the search just to a visitor providing all additional materials without leaving a site. Here one can find on-site and on-Internet search, search for images, videos, products, search on Wikipedia and text translator. In whole, there is everything that is needed to expand site’s material and to interest a visitor. And after visiting the site with XiSearch content tools, a user will keep in mind that site and will want it back.

XiSearch is Microsoft Bizspark project